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Who are we

Stanislaus County TEA Party is a non-profit, non-partisan, educational organization. Volunteers educate themselves in order to educate others. Volunteers vary in race, age, religion etc. They are like-minded individuals who are Constitutional Conservatives.

We host events with speakers on the United States Constitution, the authority of the County Sheriff against the federal government, the fight for water rights, the need for gun rights, Agenda 21, and political issues from federal to local.

Other activities include:

  • Hosting meet and greet with politicians whether party affiliated or independent
  • Educational and awareness meetings with federal and state representatives
  • Protests to educate politicians and rallies to educate public
  • Observe local government boards and city councils and have presented to them
  • Educational booths at city events and county fairs
  • Support or oppose legislation


Beginning in spring 2009, two women coordinators established the Turlock Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party chapter. The North Valley Patriots area organization formed after Turlock TEA Party assisted in organizing other cities.